Wooden Support using Teds Woodworking Plans for Footcare

During the massage, it increases the awareness of yourselves, of your own body and of the present moment. It is the same goal that is sought with meditation. With this, you manage to disconnect from the problems and therefore, relax. Although, in the end all massages generate benefits in the functioning of the organism, many techniques are developed specifically for the treatment of injuries and diseases. Massage therapy is a term that encompasses all massages that are performed with a therapeutic purpose. Get to know the best foot care massage clinic near you and what they offer at the best price in here, http://www.schoonheidssalon-instituut-hvv.com/.

Difference between massage therapy and physiotherapy

Massage therapy is framed within the field of physiotherapy that is, it is one of the techniques used by physiotherapists to treat injuries, but it is not the only one. The physios use other therapies, such as kinesitherapy, electrotherapy, bandages, mechanotherapy, ultrasound and short waves and various dynamics and exercises, among others.

Mental and emotional benefits

By stimulating the functioning of the organism, massage causes the body to waste in trying to compensate for the problems derived from poor circulation, so that the person tends to feel more energetic and vital. There is a range of massages that pursue an aesthetic purpose, among them, the reducers. The technique is based on movements exerted with adequate pressure and in the same direction in which the aforementioned lymph functions. From this moment, it improves its circulation and promotes the elimination of fat and fluid retention which reduces volume, cellulite and orange peel.

What differentiates foot reflexology from a foot massage?

Foot reflexology is also based on the conception of the body as a whole and in acupressure. According to the theory on which it is based, all the organs of the body have a reflection in the feet, so through the pressure and the stimulation of certain specific points located in this area an improvement of the overall performance is achieved of the organism. Thus, while a conventional foot massage is limited to simply relieving the feet and exerting a relaxing effect on the person receiving it, reflexology aims to improve the functioning of the vital organs and reestablish the balance between them. In the same way, it also obtains the benefits of conventional massage and also relaxes and improves circulation.

Conclusion: Teds Woodworking Plans For care

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