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Skin care and massage therapy

Skin care and massage therapy

The skin forms the outermost layer of the human body and is more exposed to the outside environment. The skin is more susceptible to sun rays, dust, and other germs while you are making your way to your office, home, or college. Beauty lies in the outer looks that are the skin and it shines.

One has to look after their skin and should maintain their skin tones by adopting skin and massage therapies.

What makes you massage therapy different from other treatments?

  • Low cost
  • The long-lasting effect which cannot be seen in face creams and ointments.
  • Enhances your beauty and reduces the wrinkles in your skin even if you are an aged person.
  • Heals your feet which have cracks by the efficient massaging process.
  • Increases the blood circulation and improves the overall functioning of the vital organs in your body.
  • Aims in maintaining the health of your skin and accelerating the resistance power of your skin if exposed to injuries.
  • The massaging process works out more than the work done by the physiotherapists.
  • Long lasting effect.
  • An easy way of healing your skin cuts and injuries.

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Foot care and massage:

The foot is the organ of your body where the entire activities of the internal body organs are reflected. If you visit a doctor regarding the inability to walk or itches on the foot of your skin, he will prescribe you tablets and ointments. Do you think these prescriptions offer a long-lasting solution to your problems? Do these prescriptions relieve your stress on your problems? Do you think these prescriptions relaxes your muscles increases the blood flow circulation? The answer will be an absolute no. Doctors give treatment which may or may not suit all patients. But when coming to the process of foot massage, it is a natural way of treatment where the massaging person uses herbal oils to give a gentle massage. This relieves you from pressure, reduces stress, and also controls your anxiety. How do you think that just a mere massaging technique relieves you from the overall stress which you face in your day to day life activities? The nerve cells and its functionalities are reflected in the feet of a person and the feet acts as a balancing organ for your body. If your nerve cells are damaged, then it will be immediately reflected on your foot where you may suffer from a difficulty in walking or the squeezing of your foot muscles.

Feet massage Vs Acupressure:

Acupressure is a technique where the doctors give pressure to the selective points on your feet in order to relieve yourself from stress.  These techniques are limited to have a simple relaxing effect on your body whereas on the other hand foot massaging technique improves the overall functionalities of the vital organs in the human system.

Wooden Support using Teds Woodworking Plans for Footcare

During the massage, it increases the awareness of yourselves, of your own body and of the present moment. It is the same goal that is sought with meditation. With this, you manage to disconnect from the problems and therefore, relax. Although, in the end all massages generate benefits in the functioning of the organism, many techniques are developed specifically for the treatment of injuries and diseases. Massage therapy is a term that encompasses all massages that are performed with a therapeutic purpose. Get to know the best foot care massage clinic near you and what they offer at the best price in here, http://www.schoonheidssalon-instituut-hvv.com/.

Difference between massage therapy and physiotherapy

Massage therapy is framed within the field of physiotherapy that is, it is one of the techniques used by physiotherapists to treat injuries, but it is not the only one. The physios use other therapies, such as kinesitherapy, electrotherapy, bandages, mechanotherapy, ultrasound and short waves and various dynamics and exercises, among others.

Mental and emotional benefits

By stimulating the functioning of the organism, massage causes the body to waste in trying to compensate for the problems derived from poor circulation, so that the person tends to feel more energetic and vital. There is a range of massages that pursue an aesthetic purpose, among them, the reducers. The technique is based on movements exerted with adequate pressure and in the same direction in which the aforementioned lymph functions. From this moment, it improves its circulation and promotes the elimination of fat and fluid retention which reduces volume, cellulite and orange peel.

What differentiates foot reflexology from a foot massage?

Foot reflexology is also based on the conception of the body as a whole and in acupressure. According to the theory on which it is based, all the organs of the body have a reflection in the feet, so through the pressure and the stimulation of certain specific points located in this area an improvement of the overall performance is achieved of the organism. Thus, while a conventional foot massage is limited to simply relieving the feet and exerting a relaxing effect on the person receiving it, reflexology aims to improve the functioning of the vital organs and reestablish the balance between them. In the same way, it also obtains the benefits of conventional massage and also relaxes and improves circulation.

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Reflex Massage For recovering From Pickleball Injuries

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Massage is one of the oldest known therapies, a millenary technique that exerts beneficial effects on a physical, mental and even emotional level. Although it is not known for sure, it is thought that massages were born in the East and spread to Europe from 300 BC. This technique was included in ancient Chinese medicine and there is also evidence of its use in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome or Indian. Get to know the best benefit of foot massage and reflexology in here, http://www.schoonheidssalon-instituut-hvv.com/. Before that you can read the benefits of foot massage that is given below.

Benefits of a massage

Depending on the technique used, the benefits of the massage vary. However, beyond specific characteristics, there are a series of positive consequences common to all types. As you have already understood, a massage has benefits at three levels, physical, mental and emotional. At present the bases of many old variants are conserved that have been perfected to optimize their results according to the needs of each person. The rates of massage vary depending on the type and area to be treated, but specialized centers usually offers the price that is more accessible and pocket friendly.

Relief of muscle pain

Through massage, the muscle fibers are worked on, insisting on areas where there are knots that is, muscles that due to poor posture or excessive physical effort have been involuntarily contracted, causing inflammation in the zone. Through the pressure and friction, the musculature is returned to its original state, recovering its elasticity and tone.

Circulation is stimulated

In addition to causing pain, a muscle in tension exerts a kind of obstacle to blood circulation. As in the end everything in the body is connected, the circulatory problems affect all the vital organs from the heart which is forced to work more, to the skin which can experience dryness and loss of luminosity derived from the blemishes of the oxygenation process.

By eliminating contracture and by stimulating blood flow through pressure at certain points, the arteries dilate and flow in the veins improves. This is achieved by increasing the supply of oxygen to tissues, the elimination of toxins and the exchange of nutrients. At the same time, the lymphatic system is stimulated, thus combating fluid retention and increasing the body’s ability to eliminate waste and toxins.


FIFA 19 Gamers are taking FOOTREFLEXZONE THERAPY to Perfect there in-game reflexes

Reflex zone therapy is a natural healing method that already

thousands of years ago by Egyptians, Chinese,

and Indians was applied.

It is a science that deals with it

 starting point that there are reflex zones on hands, feet and

 ears that correspond to all glands, organs

 and other parts of the body. These points are

‘reflex zones’ called both the shape, the color

of the foot and the position of the toes, the muscle tension,

the temperature, the humidity of the feet, etc.

tell something about someone’s health and vitality.

By observing and scanning the feet properly, you can

possibly. disturbances in the body are detected.

The use of this therapy :
• Relieves stress and tension which also getting improved while playing fifa 19
• Improves blood flow
• Relieves blockages in the body
• Helps soothe patients with severe illness by relieving pain
• Promotes relaxation
• Works on all systems in the body

 Through massage and pressure exercise on these reflex zones


a reaction is effected in that part of the body

 that corresponds to the reflex zone.

 In the foot reflex zone therapy the body

divided into body zones. The body becomes vertical

10 evenly arranged fields shared. This makes

five fields per foot.

The body is divided horizontally into three zones


Initially, due to the reaction to the massage

 make the complaints temporarily worse. That is caused

 through the self-healing process in the body

that is stimulated by the massage. 


                         The massage can especially help with :

-Rug- Shoulder- and Neck
complaints -Stress and Chronic fatigue
-Headache, Migraine
-Depressions, Sleep disorders
instability -Mentralization and menopausal
complaints -Incontinence 

The goal of the reflex zone massage is to address

 the self-healing ability of man.



The foot reflexology or foot reflex zone massage has been practiced for 30 years

known in the Netherlands. But this massage was 5000 years ago

already applied in China and India. At the beginning of the 20 e century

the English neurologist Headde discovered ‘Headse zones’.

These are skin zones that relate to organs, muscles and bones. The

American physician William Fitzgerald (1872-1942) divided it

body in 10 body lines, which end up at the 10 toes.

These lines connect all parts of the body with the feet.

Eunice Ingham rediscovered the foot reflex zones.

By giving pressure to a zone an effect is achieved in the

corresponding body part. Ingham is seen as the founder

of current foot reflexology.